Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2019-2020 Consideration in Detail

18 Sep 2019 speech

Ms FLINT (Boothby—Government Whip) (11:24): I'm pleased to speak in this debate today about some of the truly life-changing support our Government is providing through the NDIS. I would like to begin by recognising the minister for his wonderful work in his portfolio and his commitment to ensuring that the NDIS is accessible to people living with disability and supporting their families. The minister recently visited my electorate of Boothby with the Prime Minister, and they both provided local members of my community the opportunity to share their experiences with the NDIS and to give feedback about that. In my mind, this is the big difference between the Government and those opposite: we are listening to people, we are asking them for their feedback and we will be acting on that feedback. It's a very clear difference. We certainly learnt during the election that we were the people who were listening to people, and we will continue to listen to people to make sure that policy settings
best meet their needs. By listening to NDIS participants, to their carers, to their family members and to service providers, we're ensuring that the NDIS will be the best scheme that it can be.

During the visit by the Prime Minister and the minister to my electorate, we also had the opportunity to officially open the new in-house specialist disability accommodation services. Also known as SDA, specialist disability accommodation provides specialist housing solutions, including houses that are equipped to assist with the delivery of supports catering to extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. The house that we visited was absolutely magnificent. I'd be very happy to live there myself. It was beautifully designed, and the interior design was fantastic as well. What the design means in a practical sense is a greater level of independence for people living with a disability and confidence for their families that they are receiving the support that they need.

Once the NDIS is at full maturity, it's estimated that almost 28,000 participants will benefit from nearly $700 million in SDA funding each and every year. The Morrison government is working with our state and territory colleagues and has a strong and ongoing commitment to the long-term provision of funding of SDA through the NDIS. We are determined to build the SDA market with investors, developers, and existing and new providers, growing their confidence in SDA. Our government has implemented a range of reforms to build this market confidence, including through the government's national action plan for younger people in residential aged care, which will reduce the number of younger people living in residential aged care by helping them access more age-appropriate accommodation.

With more than 13,000 NDIS participants now with SDA in their plans, we are seeing more accommodation options for more people. Today I would like to ask the minister to provide an update on these and any other measures that are supporting NDIS participants access high-quality specialist disability accommodation.