Building Infrastructure in Boothby

30 May 2018 speech

Ms FLINT (Boothby) (10:03): Since I was first elected to this place, I have been working hard to deliver for the residents of my electorate of Boothby and to make their daily lives a bit easier. That's why, alongside reducing the cost of living, delivering safe, reliable and efficient roads for my community remains my No. 1 priority. Nothing better represents my commitment to delivering better road infrastructure than the Oaklands Crossing upgrade. As the candidate for Boothby in 2016, I secured $40 million in federal funding to fix this terrible intersection that has been a problem for local residents for four decades.

After I was elected, I fought for and secured an additional $55 million for the project so that it could be completed. I'm delighted to inform the House that work will begin on the $174.5 million project this month. This means that locals travelling in the 41,000 vehicles that pass through the crossing every day can soon look forward to a far more efficient commute to work or to get their
kids to school. It means local business customers and people using the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, which is an Olympic-standard centre, will no longer be stuck at the boom gates for the rail crossing, which can be closed for up to two hours a day in total. Most importantly, it means that parents will be able to pass through what is now considered one of Adelaide's most dangerous level crossings to get their children to school more safely. I want to thank my state colleagues, Marshall Liberal government ministers Corey Wingard MP and David Speirs MP, who worked with me to deliver this for local residents.

But fixing Oaklands crossing is just the beginning. This weekend, we saw another milestone in the Darlington upgrade project with the installation of new beams for the Sturt Road bridge. By creating a non-stop motorway, between the Southern Expressway and the Tonsley Boulevard, including grade separation of the Main South Road, Ayliffes Road and Shepherds Hill Road intersection, the upgrade will ensure a smoother commute for the 78,000 vehicles that travel Main South Road each and every day.

I'm also working hard to ensure that local roads in and around my community are of the highest and safest standards through the federal government Roads to Recovery program. We are replacing the road seal and pavement for Clapham residents that will improve things for those who use Anson Avenue and Price Avenue up to Springbank Road. We're upgrading the road for residents in Daw Park and that will improve things for those who use Rockville Avenue and Morgan Avenue, up to Goodwood Road. These local road projects follow on from many others that have already been delivered and completed for my local residents, thanks to the Turnbull Liberal government. I am committed to providing better roads for the residents of Boothby, and I'm pleased to
say that the Turnbull Liberal government is delivering this.