Update on the Darlington upgrade

31 Aug 2020 speech

Ms FLINT (Boothby—Government Whip) (16:44): The Morrison Liberal government is busting congestion for my local community and for everyone living in Adelaide's south. In early August one of our key projects, the Darlington Upgrade, was completed, which will make a huge difference for tens of thousands of people travelling through this stretch of road each and every day. This $754 million project was made possible by a majority of funding from the Morrison government. The Darlington upgrade will save time for over 73,000 motorists who use Main South Road each day. It will save significant time for people in my local community who use Sturt Road, especially during peak hour, and it will save time for everyone who needs to get to Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre.

The Darlington upgrade will be further enhanced by the imminent completion of the Flinders Link extension of the Tonsley rail line. Flinders Link will provide my local residents with a brand new public transport option to the city. It will provide doctors, nurses, patients and families with a new and easy way to get to Flinders Medical Centre, and it will link this hospital precinct with the city. It will provide Flinders University staff and students a brand new public transport option to the city, getting cars and buses off the roads. To build on the Darlington upgrade the Morrison government has committed $2.7 billion in funding for the next stage of the North-South Corridor so we can finish what is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in South Australia's history. Our commitment to busting congestion for our community is clear.