GlobeLink Plan

16 Sep 2019 speech

Ms FLINT (Boothby—Government Whip) (10:51): Since well before my election as the member for Boothby, I have been working to see heavy vehicles diverted from the South Eastern Freeway, freight trains diverted from the Adelaide Hills and both heavy vehicles and freight trains removed from Adelaide suburbs. Getting heavy vehicles and freight trains out of our hills and suburbs is vital for economic, environmental and social reasons. The compelling case for change has been summarised in the South Australian Liberal government's GlobeLink plan, and I wish to recognise Premier Steven Marshall and the member for Waite, Sam Duluk for their support and work towards the policy and also the now member for Sturt for his work on an advocacy policy project before he was elected to parliament. The very serious reason for my devotion to this project was once again highlighted last week following another near-disaster truck crash at the bottom of the South Eastern Freeway. It was an absolute miracle nobody was hurt or killed, as they tragically have been in the past.

With the South Australian Liberal government's business case for GlobeLink close to being finalised, I want to again reiterate the reasons why this plan is so important for South Australia. Removing road and rail freight from the Adelaide Hills and suburban areas would have significant economic, environmental and social benefits. Most importantly, GlobeLink will vastly improve public safety. Removing heavy vehicles off the South Eastern Freeway and Portrush Road and preventing them from being sent down crossroads will vastly reduce the risk of crashes at the bottom of the freeway along our suburban roads that are lined with schools and people getting to and from work or to the shops. This will also ease congestion and reduce travel times for commuters, which means an increase in productivity.

Getting the freight trains out of the Adelaide Hills will reduce the risk of bushfires, derailments and level-crossing accidents. It will also ease congestion, reduce travel times for commuters and eliminate the terrible noise that comes from long and heavy freight trains winding their way along steep declines and around curves. GlobeLink will also have significant economic benefits. It will greatly increase the amount of freight that can be transported by rail and reduce heavy-vehicle travel times, which will increase productivity. The creation of a new 24/7 air freight hub would enable our exporters, like our fishermen, citrus producers and horticulturalists, to get their produce—especially fresh produce—straight to market at far more competitive rates than they currently can given they're bound by restrictive curfews or because of the fact they have to send their produce interstate to get it overseas for export. Combined, these social, environmental and economic factors make a compelling case for government support for the GlobeLink plan, which will have significant economic benefits for the national economy. I will not stop fighting for this project for my local community and for South Australia.