Keep Heavy Trucks Off Cross Road Survey

As your local Federal Member of Parliament, I am completely opposed to Cross Road becoming a
major trucking and road freight corridor.

I believe it will present safety risks, add to traffic congestion and increase noise and pollution in our local
area. That is why I am fighting for an alternative route to be investigated and built.

Since coming to office the State Liberal Government has undertaken preliminary work to investigate
a road freight bypass that will take heavy trucks off the South Eastern Freeway, and out of Adelaide’s
suburbs entirely. I am urging the State Government to progress this work, but I need the support of
local residents like you to get this done.

I have created a survey, so I can hear your views on this important matter. I hope you
can add your voice to the call to get heavy trucks out of our hills and suburbs and to keep them off Cross

Do you support the use of Cross Road as a truck and road freight corridor?