Kicking Goals on the Brighton Oval Redevelopment

31 Mar 2019 press release

Local sports clubs and residents will benefit from a $5 million federal funding contribution to deliver the full Brighton Oval Redevelopment, announced today.  

Ms Flint said the funding would ensure that the project was delivered in full with benefits for the existing sports clubs and the broader community.

“I am delighted to deliver this funding to complete the Brighton Oval Redevelopment for my local community and see the significant economic, social and health benefits that it will bring realised,” Ms Flint said. 

“This project highlights what can be achieved when local, state and federal governments work together with the local community.” 

“It is critical that we support our clubs and community groups to grow while also creating places for that local families can enjoy.”

Federal Member for Boothby Nicolle Flint announced the funding this morning, bringing the total combined investment in the project to $13 million.

The Steven Marshall Liberal Government and the City of Holdfast Bay previously announced funding towards the project.  

Clubs who use the site, including  the Brighton Bombers Football Club, the Brighton Rugby Union Football Club, the Brighton Cricket Club and the Brighton Lacrosse Club, and the Brighton Croquet Club.

Local Member for Gibson and Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing, Corey Wingard, said the project would future proof the site and was the culmination of a sustained effort by all involved.

“It is wonderful that the federal government will build on the existing $2 million in funding provided by the Marshall Liberal Government in 2018 and the $6 million investment made by the City of Holdfast Bay,” Minister Wingard said. 

“This project will ensure that the clubs who use the site can continue to grow and will create new opportunities for sports clubs and community groups.”

“This is a fantastic outcome that encourages local participation in sport and the development of healthy, active communities.”

Ms Flint said that the federal funding has been budgeted.

 “I have worked very hard with my clubs, our community, Stephen Patterson, Corey Wingard & local Councillors over the past 3 years to secure this funding,’’ she said.

“Others can make all the promises they like; Liberal governments deliver.”