Mr Jordan Shanks-Markovina aka friendlyjordies

23 Jun 2021 speech

Ms FLINT (BoothbyGovernment Whip) (13:56): There is nothing friendly about the behaviour of Jordan Shanks-Markovina, otherwise known as friendlyjordies. Friendlyjordies depicted Leigh Sales as a rat, Lisa Wilkinson as a monkey, Gina Rinehart as a pig and Deb Frecklington as a cockroach and called Julie Bishop the most evil-looking woman on the planet. He stated that if Gladys Berejiklian were in the animal kingdom she would be a penis snake and he called me a whiny little B-I-T-C-H, and one of the lowest forms of life there is.

Friendlyjordies has intimidated, harassed and racially vilified John Barilaro and is now facing criminal and defamation charges. Of course, ABC's Media Watch are criticising the arrest and claiming that it's a threat to free speech. This place should be deeply concerned about friendlyjordies' abusive and aggressive behaviour, and also about Labor's close ties to friendlyjordies. In fact, just last week the Manager of Opposition Business said, 'There are comments he's made with respect to women that are completely inappropriate and should be condemned.' But he also said, 'I don't then go to a cancel culture argument that therefore, you know, you can't talk to him and you can't look at his material or anything like that.'

I disagree. I am calling on the Leader of the Opposition and the Labor Party to cut all ties with friendlyjordies right now. The Leader of the Opposition recently said he would act on dangerous or abusive behaviour when it was drawn to his attention, which is exactly what I am doing today.