15 Feb 2021

2021 Order of Australia Honours

Recently in Parliament I congratulated those in our local community of Boothby who had been awarded the Order of Australia this year on Australia Day. We are so lucky to have such dedicated and hardworking residents in our community.

03 Dec 2020

Foreign Investment Reform (Protecting Australia's National Security) Bill 2020, Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Fees Imposition Amendment Bill 2020

I recently spoke on the second reading of the Foreign Investment Reform Bill 2020 and the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeover Fees Imposition Amendment Bill 2020. This package of bills before the House will
build on that record, further strengthening our foreign investment framework and giving Australians confidence that their government has the power to ensure that foreign investment is in line with our national interest.

30 Nov 2020

Scouting and Guiding Movement

This week in parliament I noted my appreciation and support for Scouts and Girl Guides associations across Australia but particularly within my electorate of Boothby.