South Australian Freight Council's dangerous, congestion-increasing plan

31 Jul 2019 speech

Ms FLINT (Boothby—Government Whip) (13:34): The Morrison Liberal government is working hard to bust congestion in my local community. That's why I was shocked by the South Australian Freight Council's Moving freight report today. If implemented, it would increase congestion on our local roads and reduce safety.

The Freight Council want to see bigger trains, planes and trucks on our roads, rail lines and at Adelaide Airport. They then want to put these bigger trains, planes and trucks into my electorate which, for the benefit of the House, is not a heavy industrial area but suburban Adelaide, filled with families, households and small businesses.

This is madness! I will fight the Freight Council's proposal to dig a tunnel for trucks underneath our beautiful hills —underneath Brown Hill Creek, historic Carrick Hill and thousands of homes—and then put those trucks past thousands more homes and the reactivated repat hospital. And I will fight their alternative proposal to put trucks down Cross Road. Their dangerous plan completely and utterly ignores the South Australian Liberal Party's excellent Globe Link plan, which will solve all the issues in my local area that they've identified. The plan was spearheaded by me, my new colleague the member for Sturt, and state colleagues the members for Waite and Elder.

The South Australian Freight Council claim that they're all about identifying issues and finding solutions. Well, so am I. They can take their congestion-increasing safety-reducing report and stick it in the shredder!