Statements by Members | Blackwood Action Group

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I recently attended the Blackwood Action Group's public meeting and I want to acknowledge the wonderful volunteers who work so hard to look after the Blackwood area. Established in 2009, the Blackwood Action Group, fondly known as BAG, was formed because local residents were concerned by the appearance of the Blackwood shopping precinct and surrounding areas.

Their mission was to enhance the natural, built, human and social environments of Blackwood and surrounding districts, and they have achieved this.

Since its inception, BAG has contributed to the greening of Blackwood by providing planter boxes in prime pedestrian locations along Main Road, Blackwood. They also established Barty's Park, named after Mr Geoff Bartlett, one of their hardworking members. BAG volunteers conduct monthly working bees at local railway stations and are active Clean Up Australia Day participants. BAG's history sub-committee has again contributed to South Australia's History Festival, with their dedicated members conducting walking tours around Blackwood and Eden Hills, with all tours fully booked. Each year BAG creates red bows to adorn properties for Christmas,
which provides a unique and colourful facade for the festive season. And the entire district is still talking about their Christmas tree festival.

These amazing volunteers, including President Mr Brian Ferris, Secretary Mr Geoff Bartlett, and Mrs Elisabeth Bartlett, work hard to keep Blackwood beautiful. The Blackwood Action Group promotes a strong sense of community pride and belonging and works tirelessly to keep Blackwood and also my electorate of Boothby beautiful.