Protecting and Preserving our Natural Heritage

28 Nov 2018 speech

Ms FLINT (Boothby) (19:48): My home state of South Australia and my electorate of Boothby are the location of many amazing Indigenous and natural and local heritage drawcards. We have Adelaide's best stretch of coastline, from Marino to Glenelg, and also the Adelaide foothills from Mitcham up to Belair and Blackwood. Within my local community hundreds of dedicated volunteers give their time each and every week to protect and preserve these resources. These wonderful volunteers dedicate their time to plant trees, organise fundraisers, educate people, take tours and make sure these spaces and features are maintained for our whole community to enjoy.

I'm proud to work closely with all of my state colleagues, but on the south coast and in the hills, in particular, with the member for Black and Minister for the Environment, David Speirs MP, and the Member for Waite, Sam Duluk MP, to deliver for our local area. We want all South Australians, and, indeed, everyone visiting South Australia, to be able to share our amazing local attractions and learn about our Kaurna heritage and enjoy the work of our wonderful volunteers.

I've seen firsthand the results of the hard work of our wonderful local volunteers in the Marino Conservation Park. I recently joined friends Alan Wilson and Nigel Charman to walk the botanical trail and learn about their efforts to restore native vegetation on the site. I joined the Friends of Marino Conservation Park for a very successful community planting day to help restore native grasses and ground-cover plants in the area. The new shed that the friends will be building to store their tools, and the seats for visitors, which are already in, were supported by a federal Stronger Communities grant, which in turn supports these generous volunteers. The Marino Conservation Park is part of the Glenthorne National Park system, which incorporates areas within my current and previous electoral boundaries. Thanks to the vision and incredibly hard work of David Speirs MP, the Minister for the Environment and Water, and the state Liberal government, this natural space will be protected, preserved and activated for our community.

Glenthorne sits on the edge of the Mitcham Hills area, which begins at the Sturt Gorge, Shepherd's Hill Conservation Park and Blackwood Forrest, which themselves lead towards Belair National Park, Brownhill Creek, the Wirraparinga trail loop, Waite Arboretum and Urrbrae Wetland. I was incredibly proud to secure a $200,000 Green Army project for the Brownhill Creek-Wirraparinga trail loop area, and I continue to work closely with the Friends of Brownhill Creek, the Rotary club and local schools to support all of the wonderful work they're doing to restore the natural environment and work with Kaurna elders to respect and recognise our Indigenous heritage in the area.

Within the Mitcham Hills and plains area we also have very significant heritage buildings, like Urrbrae House, located on the University of Adelaide's grounds, where I enjoy visits to the Friends of Urrbrae House and the Friends of Waite Arboretum and attending their exhibitions and events. Just nearby, we have the magnificent Carrick Hill. With its historic house, beautiful gardens and internationally renowned art collection, it is a cultural icon in South Australia. Carrick Hill regularly hosts events and festivals, and there truly is something new to discover every time you visit.

A short walk away is the Mitcham Cultural Village, with the Edinburgh Hotel, Stamps restaurant, the Mitcham Institute and Gallery One, and the fabulous Mitcham Historical Society members. Not far up the hill are the Friends of Belair National Park, who, together with the Friends of Old Government House, do an incredible job to preserve and protect our natural environment and our historic housing heritage. The magnificent heritage building that is Old Government House is set in Belair National Park, which is the second oldest national park in the nation. Old Government House has been beautifully preserved and restored by the Friends, who conduct regular tours.

Just down the road is Wittunga House and botanic gardens. This is a unique and special place featuring diverse gardens and wildlife, including its African collection in the terraced beds, which I was lucky enough to tour recently with the member for Waite and the minister for the environment.

In addition to all of this, South Australia is home to amazing Indigenous heritage, and across the state we have world-famous festivals, historic buildings, gardens and art collections. We truly are the art state, with the best state gallery in the nation, I believe. We are home to the works of the iconic artist Hans Heysen, and soon we will have a brand new National Aboriginal Art and Culture Gallery, thanks to Premier Steven Marshall and the State Liberal government.

I want all South Australians, our state and territory neighbours, and international visitors and tourists to have as many reasons as possible to visit our state and all of the wonderful attractions we have to offer. I am so proud of our local attractions, particularly those in my local community in the electorate of Boothby, and I'm grateful to each and every volunteer, artist and visitor for all they do to support, promote and examine our natural heritage drawcards